Design of electric systems

For our clients and partners we offer the design of:


1. Electrical installations in buildings
  • Power electrical installations in industrial, public and residential buildings;
  • Lighting installations in industrial, public and residential buildings;
  • Spare and emergency power supplies and lighting;
  • Automatic Backup Power Supply (UPS) systems;
  • Lightning protection and grounding;
  • Surge protection and low voltage;

2. External power supply
  • Outdoor lighting: streets, boulevards, parks;
  • Facade, decorative, effects, advertising and special lighting;

3. Photovoltaic power plants
  • Photovoltaic power plants connected to the power system (ON-GRID);
  • Small custom-made power plants (OFF-GRID);

4. Security systems
  • Fire alarm systems;
  • Fire extinguishing system management;
  • Technical security systems:
    • Security systems in buildings and adjoining areas;
    • Perimeter protection of industrial sites and private properties;
    • CCTV with conventional and thermal imaging cameras;
    • Access control and presence control;
    • Vehicle control and recognition;
  • Leak detection systems in product lines;
  • Disclosure and evacuation systems;

5. Low voltage and IT systems;
  • Local communication infrastructure for voice, data and video transmission – structured cabling systems, WiFi;
  • Communication infrastructure between remote objects – optical and radio connectivity;
  • Telephone infrastructure;
  • Cable and satellite TV;

6. Building Automation (BMS)
  • Energy management systems in commercial, business and residential buildings;
  • Lighting management, air conditioning, ventilation, access, sound;
  • Cost accounting systems for electricity, heat and water;

7. Industrial automation
  • Object management systems with programmable logic controllers (PLCs);
  • Systems for visualization and control of processes HMI, SCADA;
  • Manage various types of electric motors, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators;
  • Gathering analysis and visualization of data from sensors and transducers of physical quantities;

8. Multimedia systems
  • Integrated audio and video systems for commercial and congress centers, conference halls and hotels;
  • Home entertainment center;
  • Specialized effective sound and lighting in gaming halls;
  • Visual communication at stations, bus stations, ports, sports complexes, shopping centers;
  • Wide-format LED screens;


Our specialists:

  • They are members of the Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design (CEI);
  • Have Full Designer’s Right;
  • They have rich experience in designing sites from First, Second and lower categories of objects under the Spatial Development Act;
  • They have certificates from renowned manufacturers of electrical and communication equipment: Schneider electric, Legrand, R & M and others;