GPS systems

MAXTRACK – GPS system for fleet tracking and management

Vehicle monitoring

MaxTrack is a platform for vehicle control and allows you to monitor and manage your fleet in real time. To access the information, you must sign in to our system from any computer or mobile device (tablet, phone) with Internet access through your name and password to check important information such as:

  • Position of your vehicles (trucks, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, etc.);
  • Distance traveled (trace);
  • Duration of travel;
  • Fuel consumption;
  • Fuel level in the tank;
  • Reminder for replacement of supplies, renewal of insurance, etc.;
  • And many other data shown in various references and diagrams;

What’s more, the system can tell you when the vehicle arrives to the final destination, the selected area, the depleted battery, the over speed, temperature changes, and so on. This allows you to concentrate on other things and react only when there is a change of critical for paramters from the movement of the vehicle.

Tracking and security

We understand that each client is individual and therefore we strive for our solution  always meet the specific needs. One of the main reasons for mounting a GPS tracker is the theft protection. That is why we have provided different ways of protection:

  • Ability to monitor the status of various analogue variables (temperature, voltage, current, pressure, etc.);
  • Ability to track and monitor our 24/7 control center;
  • Ability of open / closed doors, cargo compartment, cabin, etc.;
  • Panic button;
  • Ability to create different alarms when changing a parameter, such as SMS, e-mail or pop-up notification in the user menu;
  • Ability to limit the ignition and driver identification via integrated “DALLAS Bus”;
  • Ability to locate the car in the GSM network through its serving cell of the mobile operator;
  • Tracker operation in “Sleep” mode where the device is positioned but the data is sent to the server only upon request with the corresponding command;
  • Medium and high-end devices have an autonomous power supply that can last up to several months depending on the operating mode.

Fuel consumption.

Using our system, you can control fuel more easily than ever, which leads to a reduction in business costs. We give you the ability to control the most important parameters and readings as information comes directly from the on-board computer:

  • Fuel consumption;
  • Fuel level in the tank;
Fuel at the beginning of the day Fuel at the end of the day Total consumption of the day
906 672 227.50

The MaxTrack system allows you to monitor fuel consumption and easily detect theft. This improves the efficiency of your fleet. By comparing the two reports – fuel level and fuel consumption, you can achieve the most reliable and reliable results.


Distance traveled Fuel consumption (ltr /100 km)
301.75 34.80

You can get fuel from the on-board computer directly depending on the vehicle. We are able to read data from most of the newer trucks and popular cars. If this can not be done, we can also offer alternative fuel consumption monitoring methods.


Communication with a driver.

Using MaxTrack in just a few clicks, you can send a message or visit point to the driver that appears on a navigation display.

This is convenient because:

  • Call Center plans to run the driver in real time and controls the processes;
  • Roads and their status are displayed on the screen;
  • The driver gets the right instructions on how to reach each destination;
  • He can easily reply to the message or send a comment regarding an endpoint;
  • This will not divert the driver’s attention, such as a mobile phone;

Trucks can use a special Garmin nuvi465T navigation model that will only guide the driver on routes that are allowed to travel by heavy traffic.

This is a safe, easy-to-maintain feature that will help you save costs and make the connection between call center and driver easier.


Road Optimization

If your fleet consists of more than 20 vehicles and the routes are often changed, the route optimizer module will help you manage the traffic of each vehicle in the most effective way.

What gives you:

The route will be planned so that the total distance traveled will be minimal. This will save you 10-20% of your spending each month;

  • The computer will make all calculations, so employees no longer need to look after it;
  • It is possible to program restrictions (delivery time / weight, volume, etc.)


Driver identification

The function is suitable for large fleets, where cars drive by several drivers. In order to know which driver has used a vehicle at any one time, it identifies itself with its own ID Key and this is automatically reflected in some references as a waybill.


Additional features.

  • Temperature sensors;
  • Door / Trailer Sensors;
  • Flowmeters;
  • Panic buttons;
  • Sensors for driver identification and many others.


Why choose MaxTrack?

We have earned the name of a reliable and flexible service provider because:

  • The monitoring system can be installed in any vehicle;
  • Additional equipment and sensors can be added if necessary;
  • We offer warranty and post-warranty service;
  • Continuous improvement and upgrading of system software so as to better meet the needs of our customers;
  • Easy access to the system with an intuitive and convenient menu;
  • Innovative technologies and the best solutions on the market that allow our customers to work more efficiently and reduce their costs.