System integration

Our company has a solid experience in the design, construction and technical support of large CCTV systems of high public interest and requirements.

A major reference project is the CCTV system that MAXTEL builds for the needs of Sofia Municipality – public municipal areas, parks, intersections, boulevards on the territory of Sofia.

The system includes both the delivery of end devices (cameras, sensors), fiber optic and cable connectivity, network and communication equipment, and the entire recording, analysis and management system based on the NUUO and Milestone video management system.

The number of installed devices is constantly expanding, and to date, over 5000 cameras – both analogue and IP solutions. Integrated into the system are also LPR solutions for identification of automotive numbers of METRICI Romania.

The system provides CC centralized monitoring, management and real-time analysis and decision making, high resolution video recording at a very competitive price.